Netent Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot Game Review –

Netent Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot Game Review –

Netent is taking you back to 1991 with this one. For some of you it’ll seem like only yesterday. For others, you might not even have been born! But all of you will love the feel of this slot, which is based on what is arguably the greatest fighting game of all time.

5 xs 5. Cluster Pays. But that doesn’t even skim the surface of this game.
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot™ has a ton of features and gamification that make the game feel and play very similarly to the original arcade version… the same graphics, the same emotion, and the same fist-pumping action!

netent street fighter slot

Choose one of 8 characters and fight a random opponent. If you win the battle, you are awarded Beat the Boss Free Spins. There are 4 boss levels in Free Spins. Each level offers a higher multiplier. Only by beating a boss can you move to the next level. Each victory increases your chances of winning big. Keep fighting off your opponents until you come up against the final boss himself… M. Bison!

This game is loaded with Wilds. Each high-value symbol in a winning combination gives you one point. Collect 7 or more points, and the Wild Combo feature is activated, randomly placing Wild symbols on the reels, and giving you a chance to win big!

A hidden bonus game allows you to control your character just in like in the original arcade! Remember the part in the game where Ryu smashes up a car? Well, it’s time to do it again!

It’s time to finally answer the question: who is the best street fighter?

It all starts with fighter selection, and each of the 8 original characters affects the game in a different ways on a sliding volatility scale of ‘Win Often’ to ‘Win Big’ we get:

  • Dhalsim – places 3 or 4 wilds in random positions on the grid (96.04% RTP).
  • E. Honda – places 3 wild symbols on the same reel (96.05% RTP).
  • Ryu – places 3 wild symbols on the same row (96.02% RTP).
  • Guile – places 2 vertical stacks of 2 wild symbols (96.04% RTP).
  • Zangief – places 2 horizontal stacks of 2 wild symbols (96.08% RTP).
  • Chun Li – places 2 or 7 wild symbols at random (96.08% RTP).
  • Blanka – places 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same reel (96.08% RTP).
  • Ken – places 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same row (96.06% RTP).

Each character has a Wild Gauge that is filled by one point for each high pay symbol in a winning cluster. When there are no more winners on screen, and 7 points on the Wild Gauge, their modifier listed above is activated. As usual, wilds can substitute for any other pay symbol.

Each battle round has two outcomes – win or lose. If players lose, then the Car Smash Bonus Game is triggered. Here players can either manually smash a car or hit the ‘Quick Finish’ button to win from 5 to 15 times their bet. Once completed, players can stick with the same character or choose a different one for a new battle.

If players win the battle, then the Beat the Boss Free Spins are awarded. Here, the rules are the same as the base game, except that boss levels come with a win multiplier.

There is no set number of free spins, instead the bonus game continues until someone is defeated. Beat the boss and players move to the next level, or lose and head back to the base game.

There are 4 bosses to defeat: Balrog (x2 multiplier), Vega (x3 multiplier), Sagat (x5 multiplier), and M. Bison (x10 multiplier). Now, should you beat all opponents, then you pick up an additional 100 times your stake award for remaining undefeated throughout the tournament.

Play the Netent Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot game now on and get lucky!

  • Game return to player (RTP): 96.06%
  • Minimum total bet: 0,20€
  • Maximum total bet: 700€

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